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TV Ratings 101: Behind The Scenes

Categories: Animation 

ESPN was looking for a way to make the explanation of how the TV ratings systems works simple and interesting—at least engaging enough to keep the audience awake. JESS3 created a five-minute animation with an old-school, 1970’s ESPN SportsCenter vibe to walk viewers through the television ratings process and had so much doing it, we had so much fun with it, we wanted to put a video together showing all the hard work that went into it. We wanted to showcase how much hard work goes into the video from ideation to creating and dressing the puppets, to drawing and cutting the paper cut outs to photographing and animating them. We spoke with our puppet maker, paper artist, set designer, our VP of Production and Art Director to get the full picture. A fun look behind the scenes at the magic that went into making this fun TV Ratings 101 video from ESPN and all the amazing people who took the time to create the world around it.