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RNC and DNC Content Hub

Continuing a rich partnership that began in 2008 with a "Convention Hub": and a "Debate Hub":, we joined forces with C-SPAN for the 2012 cycle to leverage their rich video archives by creating a Content Hub. Overflowing with high integrity information, C-SPAN’s Hub was built to serve the final four events of the Presidential Cycle: the Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention, the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates and Election Day. The Hub is full of real-time coverage featuring: videos, clips, tweets, hangouts, touts and infographics depicting transcript and video-driven insights coming out of the 2012 "RNC": and "DNC": The Hub. With the learnings from the successful Convention Hub in 2008 under our belts, we sought out to create an even more powerful tool to highlight and leverage C-SPAN’s rich video archives and create an unique feature set that included: Live Streams, Video Database, Speaker Schedules, Tweet Streams from Delegates, Touts from Delegates, Tweet Streams from Viewers, Google+ Hangouts (with delegates, viewers, reporters, etc.), Viewer Comment Functionality, Infographic Gallery and Blogs. Content Creation. The Hub is full of real-time coverage depicting transcript and video-driven insights coming out of both the "RNC": and "DNC": We created graphics for each day of the conventions in order to fill the Hub with real-time, relevant content. We also advised on a handful of "supercut" videos that spliced together memorable moments from seven Presidential Conventions, such as "this one": where decades of candidates accept the nomination from their respective parties. The Convention Hub and infographics saw mentions from tech, media and political influencers like "National Journal":, the "Daily Beast":, Mashable (both "here": and "here":, "The Atlantic":, "Vice":, Influential Tumblr "Brooklyn Mutt":, "Social Times":, "Laughing Squid":, and many more.